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The J. C. Bose museum was an integral part of Bose Institute since the foundation of the institute by Acharya Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose in 1917. By then Acharya Bose had already accomplished a major part of his pioneering research on microwaves, plant response and the relationship between living and non-living while working at erstwhile Presidency College (now Presidency University). The spacious entrance hall to the Institute served as a platform to disseminate his remarkable discoveries, often accompanied by a live demonstration by Bose himself. Aldous Huxley, who visited Bose Institute in 1926, wrote, “all the experiments in full blast the heart beats of plants, plants being drugged and recording their symptoms automatically in a graph the great experimenter himself was our guide.” Many of the original instruments became part of the display in the present form during 1986-87 with an additional floor added in 2005.