The collection of this Museum can be classified as follows:

1)    Biographical Collection:

·      Original and replica of Scientific/ Research Instruments designed and used by J. C. Bose

·      Camera and accessories used by J. C. Bose

·      Original Tools used by Bose to build his scientific instruments

·      Hand Generator and Part of Projector

·      Original attires worn by Sir J.C. Bose and Lady Abala Bose.

·      Laboratory Notebooks of J.C. Bose

·      Pendulum Wall Clock

2)    Letters

3)   Publications of J. C. Bose

4)    Photographs

5)   Patent

6)   Paintings

7)    Bronze Bust of J. C. Bose

8)    Commemorative Articles:

·      Certificates

·      Stamps

·      Cheque

·      Felicitation Certificate

·      Mementos

9)   News Papers/ Magazine Cuttings

10) Period Room with life size models