Bose Institute was set up in 1917 by Sir JC Bose, the founder of modern science in the Indian subcontinent. It is Asia's first modern research centre devoted to interdisciplinary research and bears a century old tradition of research excellence.


  • 21/02/2018 03:00 PM
    Dr. Swasti Raychaudhuri, DBT-Ramalingaswami Fellow & Head, Max Planck Partner Group CCMB, Hyderabad. Protein aggregation and toxicity
  • 08/02/2018 03:00 PM
    Dr. Anirban Polley, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, USA.. Multiscale Modeling to unravel cellular and subcellular process in biological systems
  • 24/01/2018 04:31 PM
    Shubhasis Haldar, Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. Chaperone Acts as a Mechanical Foldase: Investigation at Single Molecular Resolution
  • 17/01/2018 04:31 PM
    Dr. Kuladip Jana, Senior Scientist. Role of Resveratrol and its Analogues in Germ cell and Cancer cell apoptosis: A Molecular and Cellular approach
  • 17/01/2018 03:45 PM
    Mr. Debdeep Ghosal, Department of Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland. Photoproduction off the Deuteron at MAMI and ELSA Accelerator


Bose Institute has conducted path breaking research in biological, chemical, physical and interdisciplinary sciences for over a century. On its centenary, the Institute celebrates its eventful past and vibrant present through research meetings and other programmes. 

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