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Bose Institute has an established Ph.D. programme in chemical, interdisciplinary, life and physical sciences. Many of our alumni have become reputed experts in their fields. The institute has an unparalleled century-old legacy of excellence in the interdisciplinary sciences in the Indian subcontinent and indeed throughout the developing world. It is a national pioneer in research on astroparticle physics and cosmic rays, foundations of quantum physics and interdisciplinary physics. Path-breaking research in the fields of plant sciences, structural biology, molecular biology, biomedical sciences and biotechnology has been conducted at the Institute. Several important contributions from the Institute have been made in chemical Sciences.

Dissemination of knowledge has been an integral part of the charter of Bose Institute as proclaimed by Acharya Sir J. C. Bose in his foundation speech in 1917. A major step in this direction was taken in 2006 when Bose Institute started M.Sc courses in physical and biological sciences. The course in physical sciences was initiated in collaboration with St. Xaviers college, Kolkata. The course in biological sciences was started in collaboration with the University of Calcutta.

The success of both of these courses was quite encouraging. Therefore, the M.Sc. courses were transformed into integrated M.Sc - Ph.D. courses. The integrated M.Sc. - Ph.D. course was initiated for life sciences in 2011 and for physical sciences in 2012.

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