The Shyamnagar Campus of Bose Institute is located about 30 Km north of Kolkata. The Campus is used for a variety of scientific experiments including microwave scattering, development of gas detectors for atmospheric observations and monitoring of ozone and fog.


The first open range in India for radar cross section measurement was constructed at Shyamnagar campus in 2012-13. This range was developed for “Studies on Microwave Scattering (SMS)” , sponsored by DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. The range is an extremely important part of the microwave scattering experiment and still remains an active site even after the completion of the project.


In addition, several other projects are being planned at Shyamnagar such as Research & Development Lab for the development of gas detectors for High Energy physics experiments as well as the development of instruments for atmospheric observations. 

Regular measurements for atmospheric science research, such as fog measurements, Ozone monitoring etc. are also being carried out at this campus.