Details about research in life sciences can be found on the individual faculty pages in the following research programmes: (i) basic and applied microbiology, (ii) computational biology, (iii) molecular medicine, (iv) plant functional biology of stress responses for improvement and exploring plant genetic resources, (v) structural studies and biophysical problems, (vi) systems and synthetic biology, and, (vii) complex systems

Course objectives
The integrated M.Sc. - Ph.D. course in life sciences was formulated as a combination of two-year (four semesters) post-graduate M.Sc. curriculum and Ph.D. programme of approximately four years duration to impart high-quality research training with expertise in the broader areas of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Biophysical Chemistry, and Computational & Systems Biology. One of the major objectives of the programme is to motivate young students to choose a career in basic sciences and its application to relevant fields. 

Course highlights
The scientists of Bose Institute and of other leading Institutes in Kolkata and across the country will teach and mentor the students for a research career in modern biology. Students will get extensive exposure to theory and experimental aspects of modern biology as well as computational techniques of modern biology. They will be encouraged to participate in the institutional seminars, journal club seminars and interactive sessions and other institutional scientific activities. All necessary institutional facilities including library and Internet facilities will be available for use by the students during the course. The duration of this course shall be approximately 2 + 4 = 6  academic years. 

During M.Sc. course all students will be offered a fellowship of Rs. 12000/- per month. The fellowship will be discontinued if a student fails to secure 60% marks in a particular semester and will remain so till he/she secures 60% or above marks in any of the subsequent semesters. The fellowship during Ph. D. will be in accordance with the rules of Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

Students are admitted annually for integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. in life sciences through an interview conducted by the Institute. Applicants should have qualified JGEEBILS in which Bose Institute is one of the participating institutions. Applicants should have a minimum CGPA of 6 on a 10 point scale or 60% marks in overall percentage as well as in the major subject or percentage equivalent converted from CGPI/CPI in B. Sc. / B.E. / B.Tech.

Details, deadlines and updates of advertisements are usually available on the Positions page or the relevant Admissions page.