Srimonti Sarkar

Srimonti Sarkar

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Postdoctoral Position: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California San Diego

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Address: Biological Sciences
Unified Academic Campus
Bose Institute
EN-80, Sector V
Bidhan Nagar
Kolkata - 700 091, India
E-Mail: srimonti[at]
Phone: +91-33-25693290



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Book Chapter

A. Sinha, S. Sarkar.  Ubiquitin-Proteasome System- a target to control pathogenic protozoa.  In Microbial pathogens and strategies for combating them: science, technology and education, Formatex Research Center, Spain, 2013.

Datta, S. P., Jana, A., Saha, N., Bhattacharjee C., and Sarkar, S.  Phosphoinositides and Rab GTPases: identity markers of vesicular trafficking.  In Advances in Medico-Veterinary Parasitology: An Indian Perspective, Editors: Arun K. Yadav, Veena Tandon and S. L. Hoti; Panima Publishing Corporation, New Delhi; 2018: 511p. 323-39

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    M.Sc.-Ph.D. Course 502: Genetics and Genomics


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    profile image Anurupa Sett Junior Research Fellow Biochemistry Centenary
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    profile image Pritha Mandal Junior Research Fellow Biochemistry Centenary


    Dr. Sumana Banerjeee (2007 to 2012; awarded 2014)

    Dr. Abhishek Sinha (2008 to 2014)

    Dr. Somnath Dutta (2010 to 2015; awarded 2016)

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