Sanjay Kumar  Ghosh

Sanjay Kumar Ghosh

Research interests:

Quark-Hadron Phase Transition, Relativistic heavy ion collision, Early Universe Phase transition,Neutron Star/Quark Star, Effective models, Cosmic Ray, Atmospheric Physics 


Address: Department of Physics
Unified Academic Campus
Bose Institute
EN-80, Sector V
Bidhan Nagar
Kolkata - 700 091, India
E-Mail: sanjay[at]
Phone: +91-33-25693131



Some representative papers:

1. Long term stability test of a triple GEM detector, R. P. Adak et al., JINST, 11 (2016) T1001
2. Determination of the detection threshold for Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) nuclear track detector (NTD), R. Bhattacharyya, S. Dey,   Sanjay K. Ghosh, A. Moulik, Sibaji Raha, D. Syam, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B370 (2016) 63.
3. Polyakov--Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model in finite volumes,  Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Sanjay K. Ghosh, Rajarshi Ray, Kinkar Saha, Sudipa Upadhaya,  Europhys.Lett. 116 (2016) 52001.
3. Exploring effects of magnetic field on the Hadron Resonance Gas, Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Sanjay K. Ghosh, Rajarshi Ray, Subhasis Samanta, Europhys.Lett. 115 (2016)  62003.
4. Shear viscosity and phase diagram from Polyakov–Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model, Sanjay K. Ghosh, Sibaji Raha, Rajarshi Ray, Kinkar Saha, Sudipa Upadhaya, Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) no.5, 054005
5. The Darjeeling Facility: Cosmic Rays and Atmospheric Science, Sanjay K. Ghosh and Sibaji Raha, Proc. Indian Natn. Sc. Acad. 80 (2014) 791 (Special issue).
6. A study on aerosol-cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activation over eastern Himalaya in India, Arindam Roy, Abhijit Chatterjee, Chirantan Sarkar, Sanat Kumar Das, Sanjay Kumar Ghosh, Sibaji Raha, Atmospheric Research 189 (2017) 69.
7. Influence of microscopic particle interaction models on the flux of atmospheric antiprotons,  Arunava Bhadra, Biplab Bijay, Sanjay K. Ghosh, Partha S. Joarder, Sibaji Raha, Astropart.Phys. 35 (2012) 277-286
8. Solving relativistic hydrodynamic equation in presence of magnetic field for phase transition in a neutron star, Ritam Mallick, Rajesh Gopal, Sanjay K Ghosh, Sibaji Raha, Suparna Roychowdhury, J.Phys. G39 (2012) 095201

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    M.Sc: Particle Physics, Post M.Sc: Astrophysics, particle Physics, Mathematica


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    profile image Trishna Bhattacharyya Senior Research Fellow Physics Unified 25693108 trishna

    Postdoctoral Fellows / RA :

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    profile image Susnata Seth Research Associate Physics Main 25693123 susnataseth


    Former Students: Tamal Kumar Mukherjee, Ritam Mallick, Anirban Lahiri,  Sarbani Majumdar, Subhasis Samanta

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