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* Corresponding / Co-corresponding author

Effects of spatial structure on outcome of games
International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics [Springer Nature] (Under review)
Saptarshi Sinha, Susanta Ghosh and Soumen Roy*

Modeling bacteria-phage interactions and implications for phage therapy
Advances in Applied Microbiology [Academic Press], 103, 103-141 (2018)    

Saptarshi Sinha
Rajdeep Kaur Grewal and Soumen Roy

Dynamics of Mycobacteriophage-Mycobacterial host interaction - evidence for secondary mechanisms for host lethality

Applied and Environ. Microbiol. [ASM] 82 124-133 (2016)     PDF    Supplementary Information
Sourabh Samaddar, RK Grewal, S Sinha, S Ghosh, Soumen Roy* and Sujoy Das Gupta
Selected as article of significant interest by Editors for AEM Spotlight

Using complex networks towards information retrieval and diagnostics in multidimension- al imaging
Scientific Reports [Nature] 5: 17271 (2015)     arxiv:1506.02602     PDF    
Soumya Jyoti Banerjee, Mohammad Azharuddin, Debanjan Sen, Smruti  Savale, Himadri Datta, Anjan Kr Dasgupta and Soumen Roy*

Slow poisoning and destruction of networks: Edge proximity and its implications for biological and infrastructure networks
Physical Review E [APS] 91 022807 (2015)     arxiv:1409.8268    PDF
Soumya Jyoti Banerjee, Saptarshi Sinha and Soumen Roy*

Mapping networks of light-dark transition in LOV photoreceptors
Bioinformatics [Oxford] 31 3608-3616 (2015)    Supplementary Information
Rajdeep Kaur Grewal, Devrani Mitra and Soumen Roy*

Modeling proteins as residue interaction networks
Protein & peptide letters 22 923-933 (2015)  [Invited review]
Rajdeep Kaur Grewal and Soumen Roy*

Perspectives in systems biology
Editorial for special issue
Systems and Synthetic Biology [Springer] (2014) 8: 1-2    PDF
Soumen Roy*

Efficient scheduling using complex networks
Osamu Yamaguchi, Soumen Roy* and Raissa M. D'Souza

Systems biology beyond degree, hubs and scale-free networks: the case for multiple metrics in complex networks

Systems and Synthetic Biology [Springer] (2012)  6: 31-34  arxiv:1205.2318     PDF
Soumen Roy*

Key to network controllability
Arising from Nature  473  167-173 (2011)   arxiv:1209.3737
Soumya Jyoti Banerjee and Soumen Roy*

Analysis of early host responses for asymptomatic disease detection and management of specialty crops
Critical Reviews in Immunology  30 277-289 (2010)

Resilience and rewiring of the passenger airline networks in the United States
Physical Review E  82  056101 (2010)  arxiv:0901.0774     PDF
Daniel R. Wuellner Soumen Roy* and Raissa M. D'Souza

Strong associations between microbe phenotypes and their network architecture
Physical Review E  (Rapid)  80  040902(R) (2009)  arxiv:0901.0775      PDF
Soumen Roy* and Vladimir Filkov

Motion of a random walker in a quenched power law correlated velocity field
Physical Review E  73  026106 (2006)   cond-mat/0511008   PDF
Soumen Roy* and Dibyendu Das

Enhanced Thermodynamic efficiency in time asymmetric ratchets
J. Stat. Mech. (2005) P04012    cond-mat/0412303  PDF
Raishma Krishnan,  Soumen Roy* and A. M. Jayannavar

Invited book chapters:

"Systems biology in plant cells and their organelles" in
Plant cells and their organelles"
John Wiley & Sons Ltd (2017). Editors: Dashek and Miglani
Rajdeep Kaur Grewal, Saptarshi Sinha and Soumen Roy*
        [Book Review: "Perhaps the most important chapter in this book ...",
          Elizabeth Friar, Crop Science (2017) 57 3360 - 3361 ]

"Complex networks and systems biology" in
"Systems and Synthetic Biology"
Springer Netherlands (2015).  Editors: Singh and Dhar

Ushasi Roy, Rajdeep Kaur Grewal and Soumen Roy*

"Networks, metrics and systems biology" in
"A systems theoretic approach to systems and synthetic biology I: models and system characterizations"
Springer Netherlands (2014). Editors: Kulkarni, Stan and Raman

Soumen Roy*

Contributed book chapters:

Soumen Roy