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Lab news and updates:

* Special Issue on "Statistical Physics and Complex Systems" in Indian Journal of Physics (Springer). Guest Editors: Deepak Dhar and Soumen Roy

Jun 2021: Networks with a scale-free degree distribution are widely thought to promote cooperation in various games. In Euro Physics Letters [EPL] 134 60002 (2021), we demonstrate that this is not necessarily true. For the same degree distribution and indeed the very same degree sequence, we present a variety of possible behaviour. We also reevaluate the dependence of cooperation on network clustering and assortativity.

* Jan  2021: Our paper presenting a rigorous mathematical approach on how to compare two networks with common or identical nodes, is now published in 
Bioinformatics [Oxford]. This approach immediately presents a fresh, broad and general framework to address mutagenesis and has the potential to deliver systems-level perspectives. We computationally explore phenotypic alterations arising from  mutations in five microbes, each from a different taxon. We generate a mutant of Mycobacterium smegmatis mc2155, which is resistant to mycobacteriophage D29 and is characterised with significant phenotypic alterations. We scrutinise the effectiveness of our procedure through extensive theoretical and experimental tests on this system.
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* Jul 2020: Our collaborators from Devrani Mitra Lab have directly verified the results predicted earlier by us in Bioinformatics [Oxford, 31, 3608-3616 (2015). The results have just been published in Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics (2020).

* Dec
2018: Our paper proposing
topologically inspired walks on randomly connected landscapes with correlated fitness is published in Frontiers in Physics

* Jan 2018: Our lab's first copyright entitled "Software for analyzing videos of application or function for feature identification of the videos and related application or function" is now registered.

* Dec 2015: Our new method on feature extraction (image processing) is published in Scientific Reports (Nature)  5: 17271 (2015)

* Dec 2015: Our paper on "Dynamics of Mycobacteriophage-Mycobacterial host interaction - evidence for secondary mechanisms for host lethality" is  selected as an article of significant interest by AEM Editors for Spotlight

* Jul 2015: Rajdeep's first research paper, "Mapping networks of light-dark transition in LOV photoreceptors" is published in Bioinformatics (Oxford).

* Jun 2015: Our lab's first patent entitled "A system and method for analyzing videos of application or function for feature identification of the videos and related application or function" is now filed

* Feb 2015: Soumya Jyoti's first research paper which proposes edge proximity metric and captures slow-poisoning and destruction of networks appears in Physical Review E.

* Jan 2015: We have been awarded a grant on "Propagation of fronts in cooperative microbial populations" from Indo-French Center for Applied Mathematics (2015-17).

* Mar 2014: Perspectives in Systems Biology, the special issue of  "Systems and Synthetic Biology (Springer)" is published.
Systems and
*  29'th Dec, 2012 - 3'rd Jan, 2013: KOLSYSBIO held.

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