Sidharth Kumar Prasad

Sidharth Kumar Prasad
Assistant Professor

Previous appointments:

Bose Institute, Kolkata, INDIA, September 2014 – September 2015

Bose Institute, Kolkata, INDIA, September 2013 – August 2014

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA, January 2011 – August 2013

Research interests:

Research area: Experimental High Energy Physics (HEP)

Goal: Study the properties of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) matter under extreme conditions of temperature and/or pressure using heavy ion collisions.


Address: Department of Physics
Unified Academic Campus
Bose Institute
EN-80, Sector V
Bidhan Nagar
Kolkata - 700 091, India
E-Mail: sprasad[at]
Phone: +91-33-25693121


My research work is in the field of Experimental High Energy Physics (HEP) and focus on the characterization of a novel state of QCD matter with partonic degrees of freedom known as Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) formed in relativistic heavy ion collisions. My research activities include: (a) Detector development & instrumentation for the HEP experiments (b) Active participation in two most important experimental collaborations in this field, A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE) at Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN, Geneva and Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment at future Facility for Anti-proton and Ion Research (FAIR) at GSI, Germany (c) Data analysis and interpretation (d) Simulations and software development and (e) Model based studies.


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    Subject: Interfacing and Computing Tools

    ( M. Sc. Semester-2, Paper-MPHC4252, Module: CE-IC)


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